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About Us

In 1992, we fell under the spell of Bozcaada and took a breath away from the crowded life of Istanbul in its calm and sea-scented streets. In 1993, we built a house in which we planted every tree by our own hands and designed all the decoration ourselves with detailed researches.

In Kemerbağ, which consists of 12 uniquely designed rooms in a 10-acre garden, you can experience the wine heritage of the Island in our vineyard, rejuvenate with the clean Aegean air and have a pleasant holiday with your loved ones in our peaceful garden.

Offering a large vineyard, olive grove, pool, 2 parking areas and a large garden where you can relax, Hotel Kemerbağ provides a location far from the crowds but 900 meters walking distance to the city center.

You can relax in the clean bays of Bozcaada and attend festivals. You can taste the wines of Bozcaada (formerly known as Tenedos) which was mentioned on Homer's Iliad and Odyssey epic poems, and have a relaxing holiday.

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